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Scrapings consists of a collection of scraped gum found under study corrals in university libraries. I treat these specimens like found objects. They are presented in such a way that they still hold their individualism, yet they still belong to something larger. By applying paint to each found object, I enhance their visual properties and alter the unattractive objects into something that is at first glance, visually pleasing. You could say that they have become transformed.

During the making of Scrapings, I grouped the found objects by the date in which I collected them. The length of shelf corresponds to the amount of found objects gathered. In this particular series, I have collected the gum specifically from libraries. The fact that all the chewings were completed during some form of learning is another collectable form of data for me. The gum exists as aesthetic dated data.

scraped gum from under desks
chewing gum, pins, acrylic paint, MDF board
dimensions vary with installation, each shelf dependant on days collection