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In my work, chew-by-numbers, I explore the relationship that exists between gum, time, and pastimes. My project substitutes gum for paint in paint-by-number sets in order to show the relationship between the passing of time and the activity that fills it. The separate color sections represent blocks of my time that has been invested in each piece. I illustrate this time measurement with Letraset.

This project originates from 12 landscape paint-by-number kits. The colors of gum I chose corresponded as closely as possible to the provided colors of paint. The resulting colors on the surface of the kit, whether in pure form or by mixing the gum, is determined by the provided instructions. The total time of my activity is recorded on the picture surface with Letraset.

paint-by-number kit using gum
Mountain Chalet
(from the series chew-by-numbers)
chewing gum, paint-by-number kit, Letraset